About Us

Sometimes it’s the little treasures in life that make all the difference. Find out more about My Treasure Quest below.

Excitement, Adventure, & Fun! 

My Treasure Quest is designed to help friends and family spend a bit more time together. With a common goal (the loot), some problem solving, and a bit of the outdoors, My Treasure Quest will let you experience the thrill of the chase without spending decades researching treasures lost to time.

With only a limited number of treasure hunters allowed to participate in many of the quests, there’s no need to worry about the masses beating you to the loot.  


The Quests

We aim to make treasure hunting realistic for everyone. Our quests are designed to engage smaller groups of people, provide meaningful (but not life altering) rewards, and encourage getting outdoors.

Treasure Tube

Treasure Tubes & URLs

Small booty. Big fun. The MTQ treasure tubes and hidden URLs are what you’re after!



No oceans to cross or mountains to climb. Phew! 

Family Fun

Designed for all ages to enjoy. A simple and fun family activity. Both indoors and outdoors for the various quests. 


Regular Quests

Quest opportunities come up about once per week. 

Small & Engaging

Each physical  and virtual time sensitive quest is limited to approximately 150 adventurers. While finding the treasure is the goal, the real fun is in the quest itself. Each quest has a pre-sale period and then all adventures gain access to the clues at the same time. Additionally, quests are designed to be local so no need to book airfare or an ocean liner.



Upcoming & Active Quests

 Don’t miss a chance to get you hands on the booty!

Dazzling Diamonds

Dazzling Diamonds

Dazzling DiamondsDeals, Diamonds, and...Death!Dan, a delightful dealer of all things divine, dreamed. Dan dreamed of wealth and fame delivered to him by dealing in all things rare. From one of a kind stamps to precious stones, Dan didn't disappoint. That was until,...

A Famous Farmer

A Famous Farmer

A Famous FarmerJust A Farmer...Or So It Seemed Farmer Fred was born into a hard working family in November 1895. His father, Frank, was one of the hardest working men in the entire county. Fran, Fred's mother, was the hardest working woman in the entire state. If you...

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