A Famous Farmer

Just A Farmer…Or So It Seemed

Farmer Fred was born into a hard working family in November 1895. His father, Frank, was one of the hardest working men in the entire county. Fran, Fred’s mother, was the hardest working woman in the entire state. If you had met Frank or Fran, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that they raised some of the hardest working children out there.

Fred, affectionately known as Farmer Fred since the time he learned to walk, was a natural. Born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, Fred quickly learned how to work the land. From sun up to sun down, Fred cleaned, fed, planted, watered, harvested, sheered, milked, churned, and chopped. He was happy to tend to all things needing tending to on his parent’s land. At the age of forty-two, Farmer Fred lost both of his parents. He and his eleven siblings split up the farm, each inheriting fifteen acres. Fred, and his wife Fannie, got the North lot which was the best of all the lots on what was his parent’s land.

A Change In Fred

Shortly after settling the estate and situating his family on his very own acreage, those around Fred noticed quite the change in his personality. From boots on, nose down, no nonsense hard work to more of a relaxed, carefree demeanor. That was until, his wife Fannie and only daughter, Fay, were taken by the fever. From then on, Fred was only seen in short durations at the market. At the market is where the rumors started to spread.

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Unusual For The Market

Farmer Fred, known by most as kind, hard working, and not a very wealthy man, somehow managed to buy back the other lots his parents left to his other siblings. What’s more is that Farmer Fred gained a bit of a reputation in the market for buying items with pieces of silver and gold – something not common in the market at all. Before long, others in the county started to refer to Farmer Fred as Fancy Farmer Fred and Famous Farmer Fred due to the precious metals used in his transactions.

Adding To The Mystery

Sensing trouble with his newfound fame, Farmer Fred became a bit of a recluse. While he dropped out of the public’s eye, his reputation only managed to grow. By the time of his death in 1995, Farmer Fred was rumored to have millions in gold and silver stashed away on his property. When asked about the rumors late in his life, all Farmer Fred had to offer as a response was a mischievous smile. That, of course, only added fuel to the fire.

Being the last surviving sibling and without children of his own, Farmer Fred’s disconnected and distant nieces and nephews were quick to sell his land and take their money. Over the past several decades, what was farm land owned by Fred has, by in large, been developed. Despite all the changes, the older generation still share stories of an old, rich farmer who left behind a chest of gold and silver. These, “campfire” stories were just stories…or so they seemed.

Your Opportunity. Your Adventure.

A member of the local historical society was combing through an old Farmer’s Almanac recently and they found a hand written letter tucked inside the pages. This letter, a bit nonsensical and cryptic was signed by none other than Famous Farmer Fred. Only days after its discovery, a small but very unfortunate fire fried Famous Farmer Fred’s letter. Luckily for you, MTQ happened to get a copy just before the blaze. Now, with the only copy of the letter left in existence, and with the rumors of a chest full of gold and silver seemingly true, the quest is on to find Famous Farmer Fred’s riches!

A Famous Farmer QCP

So, you’re interested in Fred’s find? If you want to see if you can decipher Fred’s message and locate his riches, this Quest Clue Package (QCP) is for you! By purchasing this QCP, you will receive the specific URL and Access Code where you can access clues specific to the Famous Farmer quest. Don’t wait, get in on the MTQ fun now! Learn more about this quest on the overview page. 

As a reminder, this is a virtual, self-paced quest. There is no official start and stop times on this one. When you think you’ve solved the quest, you will navigate to https://www.mytreasurequest.com/youfillinthelocation

The (youfillinthelocation) is where you think the treasure lies. This part of the URL is all lowercase and no spaces. For example, if the treasure were to be located at Veteran Acres Park, you would go to https://www.mytreasurequest.com/veteranacrespark

Once you get the location correct, you will find a form to fill out that confirms you solved the quest.


Small Booty. Big Fun.

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