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Virtual Self Paced Quests

For each Virtual, Self Paced Quest, here are the steps you’re in for. These quests are great for those looking for the thrill of the chase but that aren’t interested in racing others to solve the mystery. If some nice and slow brain teasing is your thing, these are for you! 

The Virtual, Self Paced Quests

One Step At a Time

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Step 1

Select Your Quest

Check out our upcoming quests. Decide which one is best for you based on booty size and difficulty level. The Virtual, Self Paced Quests are available on an ongoing basis. No need to worry about go live days and times! 

Step 2

Secure Your Clue Package

Purchase your clue package for your chosen quest. This package will get you access to the Quest Clue Page (Q.C.P.) when you feel like attempting to solve the quest. Be it today, or next Saturday, go on the hunt when it makes sense for you.  

Step 3

Navigate To The Q.C.P.

Like the time sensitive quests, the Virtual Self Paced Quests also have a Quest Clue Page (Q.C.P. – you’ll need your access code from the purchased clue package) to get the clues for your chosen quest. This ensures only those that purchased the quest get to participate in the fun.

Step 4

Go On The Hunt

Use the clues and your noggin to get online and find the booty! You’ll be looking to figure out exactly what URL to navigate to. Once you find the correct URL, you’re ready for step 5. 

Step 5

Solve The Quest

You figured out the URL to get you this far however, are you sure you solved the quest? You’ll find a final question, or set of questions to ensure you actually figured the quest out rather than getting lucky on the URL.

Step 6

Confirm Your Greatness

If you made it to the correct URL and answered the final question, or questions, correctly, it’s time to enjoy the fact that you’re brilliant! (at least in MTQ eyes). Nicely done adventurer!

Step 7

Try Another Quest

Now it’s time to check out another Virtual Self Paced Quest. Or, perhaps you’re up for one of the time sensitive offerings. In any case, MTQ is here to keep your sense of adventure alive!

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