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Are you interested in a physical treasure hunt? Great, we’ve got you covered! Racing against others just not your thing? No worries, we have Virtual, Self Paced Quests for you! My Treasure Quest aims at providing fun and adventure in several different ways. Take a look at the different quest types below to see which one suits your needs a bit better. Happy hunting!

Check Out The Various Types Of Quests


For the physical, time sensitive quests, you’ll be looking for a Treasure Tube. For Virtual, Time Sensitive Quests, and Virtual, Self Paced Quests, you’ll be looking for a specific URL where you’ll have to answer questions confirming you solved the mystery. Good luck! 

Treasure Tube


Here’s a look at some of the active, upcoming, and previously offered Quests.


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Dazzling Diamonds

Dazzling Diamonds

Dazzling DiamondsDeals, Diamonds, and...Death!Dan, a delightful dealer of all things divine, dreamed. Dan dreamed of wealth and fame delivered to him by dealing in all things rare. From one of a kind stamps to precious stones, Dan didn't disappoint. That was until,...

A Famous Farmer

A Famous Farmer

A Famous FarmerJust A Farmer...Or So It Seemed Farmer Fred was born into a hard working family in November 1895. His father, Frank, was one of the hardest working men in the entire county. Fran, Fred's mother, was the hardest working woman in the entire state. If you...


Treasure Of The Low Era

Treasure Of The Low Era

About The Quest Treasure Of The Low Era is another first for My Treasure Quest! For this is a virtual quest you see, and you have a shot at the booty for free! I must take pause and warn you of this, in the TOTLE quest, a challenge you will not miss! Be the first to...

H.H.W.C. Quest

H.H.W.C. Quest

About The Quest The H.H.W.C. quest is the first private quest on My Treasure Quest! If you didn’t catch it, H.H.W.C. stands for Hostler, Hollander, Watson, Chenoweth. This Treasure Tube is for bragging rights! Let the games begin! Ok, so here we go on our first...

The Trial Run

The Trial Run

About The Quest The maiden voyage! The Trial Run is the first ever My Treasure Quest quest! Hey, even the savviest of pirates didn’t always get hiding the treasure absolutely perfect the first time around. Ok, so here we go on our first quest! The $100 booty can be...

Regular Quests

If you seek to seek treasure on a regular basis, My Treasure Quest is for you. New Treasure Quests with hidden Treasure Tubes and secret URLs are always being added. Yeah, we were sick of waiting hundreds of years for the next great hidden treasure adventure to come along too! 

Small Booty. Big Fun. 

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