Treasure Of The Low Era

A Virtual Quest For Some Real Booty!
Treasure of the low era parchment

About The Quest

Treasure Of The Low Era is another first for My Treasure Quest!

For this is a virtual quest you see, and you have a shot at the booty for free! I must take pause and warn you of this, in the TOTLE quest, a challenge you will not miss! Be the first to solve the quest and a surprise booty awaits. Alright everyone, horses to the gates! 


The Booty

This one is a mystery! 

Potential Adventurers

Only up to 6 in this one!




How To Play

To participate in the Treasure Of Low Era quest, you much purchase the Quest Clue Package Below. When you purchase this package, you will gain access to a PDF that provides a unique URL and Access Code needed to view the clues WHEN the quest goes live. 


  • To participate in this quest, you must purchase the Treasure Of Low Era Quest Clue Package
  • Once purchased, you will be able to download a form that contains a specific URL, in addition to an Access Code, for the page containing the clues
  • The Quest Clue Page is auto scheduled to go live on the date and time the quest goes live. If you attempt to navigate to this page prior to go live, you will likely receive an error/page not found message
  • Do not share the clue URL or Access Code with others
  • Due to the nature of the activity and information, My Treasure Quest cannot offer refunds on Quest Clue Package purchases after a quest goes live

Click image below to access QCP product

Time Until Quest Begins









When the time comes, access the Quest Clue Page Here

Small Booty. Big Fun.

Disclaimer: All My Treasure Quest (MTQ) quests are for entertainment only. Purchasing this or any product does not guarantee any payment, award, reward, or any other type of compensation from My Treasure Quest. The real value of MTQ products is the thrill of the chase and having fun with your friends and family. You and you alone are responsible for your actions. Never put yourself or others in harms way in any MTQ activity. Remember, most MTQ activities require the investment equivalent of somewhere between a cup of coffee and a family dinner out. This dollar amount is NOT worth any adverse actions and activities (e.g., speeding, fighting, etc.). If you do not have the money to spend (and lose) by participating in MTQ activities, please do not participate. MTQ is for FUN and is a GAME. MTQ is not responsible for any damages.

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